First figure drawing session

Coming from an architecture background and having never taken a formal art class since the required sessions during elementary school, there are many things in the art world that intrigued me. One of the biggest of these things has been figure drawing classes/sessions. You always see movies and tv shows with scenes of people sitting around drawing or painting nude models. This is always something I brushed off and never thought I would be interested in doing, nor would I do.

It wasn't until recently when I have gotten more and more into character art where I have started to see the value of a good understanding of anatomy and form. If that wasn't enough, I was even denied acceptance into some 3d character classes I wanted to take due to my "lack of anatomy understanding". This cut a little deep as I was only trying to gain more knowledge in a class and not even trying to get a job with a studio. However, these things have only driven me to take the next steps in trying to improve my anatomy skills in both 3d and 2d work. While I would say I spend 95% of my time doing 3d work, I felt that also improving my 2d understanding would also benefit the 3d side. So yesterday I finally went to my first figure drawing session.

Located in the back of a small dark hipster bar in the heart of Brooklyn, I wasn't sure what I was going to walk in on. However, to my surprise is was an overly casual environment with pretty much no feeling of formality. There were maybe 8 or so other people in the room situated in a semi-circle around the guy who was going to be the model for the day.

We immediately jumped in with numerous 1-minute poses, many of which I struggled through. I was barely able to lay down the first lines before the model was changing his position. I generally found myself thinking way too much rather than just drawing what I saw. After a handful, I did manage to get something in my sketchbook that was somewhat recognizable, but still felt the pressure of the clock. After many of these, there were series of 3,5, and 10 minute poses. They became so much more manageable as the time increased but I also found that the increase in time lead to becoming somewhat complacent in my drawing and having to remind myself to draw what I saw rather than filling in blanks in my mind. Having to remind myself to do this also led to many observations about forms in the body that would generally contradict what I would also draw from my memory. 

Overall the experience was extremely rewarding and a great experience. There were many challenging poses that made it quite apparent that you don't really know how things look at a certain angle or pose until you see them in that pose, showing how important it is to have references for whatever type of work you are doing. While there were many poses that I attempted to draw, here are a few I am willing to share. Though they are not masterpieces at all, they were all valuable learning experiences. I will continue to go to some of these sessions in the future when I am able to and share some of the poses to show progress. 



Daily Sculpt - Week 1 Recap

Hi guys,

Its been one week since I started doing a daily sculpt. Pushing myself to do this everyday in order to get better as an artist and so far that has definitely been happening. In this short time I have already picked up a number of new skills and just more general knowledge about the features of zbrush. 

Though when I began, I was not going to require myself to texture and render each day as part of it, but that too has been happening and has been rewarded. Throughout this, I have had two images that are among my best. That alone has started to make this worth it. So here are the first seven and will post more updates as they happen.

7. Robot Clown


6.  Alien Fighter Pilot


5. Reptile Creature


4. Hand and Orb Statue

3. Decorative Skull


2. Wood Carving


1. Character Face




New Creature In Progress

Started a new creature sculpt today. Definitely going in a much darker route than my past project with some sort of demon looking creature. Still a lot of forms to workout as well as an overall look and feeling to the creature. Check back for more!




Pharaoh 2518

Just finished up a new character bust titled Pharaoh 2518. After reading an interview with Keos Masons on artstation, I felt inspired and wanted to try out a few techniques they outlined in their tutorial. Ultimately I landed on this concept which I eventually textured in substance painter and rendered in marmoset toolbag. I was mildly inspired by the robot geisha from Ghost In The Shell (though I have never actually seen the movie) and combining that with a futuristic take on a Pharaoh look. Overall I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

I have recently been interested in how artist have taken their 3d sculpts into the physical world through 3d printing, resin casting, and painting. So I decided that this is something I would attempt with this piece. I had experience 3d printing while in school but no longer have a 3d printer so will be using Shapeways to print it. It will be about 3 inches tall to keep the costs relatively low for this first attempt. I will be sure to post more about the casting process and experience once I receive the print.


Pharoh_Top View.jpg



Robotic Creature WIP

The last few days, I have been trying out some new techniques in Zbrush for pseudo hard surface sculpting. So far I feel like I have been getting the hang of this and achieving a style I am looking for. Planning on taking this one to completion with materials and a proper render, stay tuned for more.