Just finished up a new character bust titled Pharaoh 2518. After reading an interview with Keos Masons on artstation, I felt inspired and wanted to try out a few techniques they outlined in their tutorial. Ultimately I landed on this concept which I eventually textured in substance painter and rendered in marmoset toolbag. I was mildly inspired by the robot geisha from Ghost In The Shell (though I have never actually seen the movie) and combining that with a futuristic take on a Pharaoh look. Overall I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

I have recently been interested in how artist have taken their 3d sculpts into the physical world through 3d printing, resin casting, and painting. So I decided that this is something I would attempt with this piece. I had experience 3d printing while in school but no longer have a 3d printer so will be using Shapeways to print it. It will be about 3 inches tall to keep the costs relatively low for this first attempt. I will be sure to post more about the casting process and experience once I receive the print.


Pharoh_Top View.jpg